5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

University = the best years of your life, right? For most people this will be the case I'm sure. It's a time to discover who you really are and think about the next steps in your life and your career. We all know what student life is: the cramming of revision, the stress of writing … Continue reading 5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018


So, I think it's time to share my October highlights saying that we're practically halfway through November already! First of all, I attended the Young Labour Policy Conference as a delegate and this was held at the University of Warwick. This was my first Labour Conference and it was good to meet so many like-minded … Continue reading OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS

Brief intro to the #iwill campaign

In November, I became an #iwill ambassador and part of my role is to promote youth social action between 10-20yrs. The #iwill campaign is coordinated by charity Step Up To Serve and it has cross party support. I was invited to a special event for the launch of the 50 #iwill ambassadors, where Susanna Reid, … Continue reading Brief intro to the #iwill campaign