What’s in it for you: Volunteering

In recognition of #StudentVolunteeringWeek, I thought it would be timely to mention the benefits of being involved in volunteering, whether that's at your local charity shop, scout group, animal centre or something different entirely! When this post goes live, I'll be at a UK Youth Voice residential, volunteering my time to participate in training to … Continue reading What’s in it for you: Volunteering

It’s Time To Participate

So if you haven't heard, this week 13th-19th November is UK Parliament Week! This is an initiative to get more people involved in politics on a regular basis and increase their knowledge about Parliament and Democracy! They wan to engage, explore and empower everyone they can. During the week, many organisations including the UK Youth … Continue reading It’s Time To Participate


So, I think it's time to share my October highlights saying that we're practically halfway through November already! First of all, I attended the Young Labour Policy Conference as a delegate and this was held at the University of Warwick. This was my first Labour Conference and it was good to meet so many like-minded … Continue reading OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS

What the parties actually stand for

Here is a breakdown of what the parties currently stand for: (will do an updated version after the new GE manifestos have been released!) Conservatives: One Nation Individualism De-regulation Grammar Schools Reducing the deficit (balancing the books) Privatise the NHS Strong Law and Order Create a British Bill of Rights Traditional Family Values Defends monarchism … Continue reading What the parties actually stand for