How To Ace The Theory Test!

A lot of people push this to the back of their to-do list as this test often sounds rather boring and a lot like those exams you had at high school. As a result of this thought stream, it’s easy to not revise for it in your free time. There’s no point putting it off again and again, as you’ll have to do it eventually if you’re learning to drive. A theory test has to be completed and passed before you can book and take your practical test.

I gave myself a good few weeks to go over all the content I needed to know ahead of my theory test. I passed the first time and with pretty reasonable scores too. I wanted to give you all some tips on how you could prepare.

Download Apps

I had a couple of free android apps on my phone where I practised during my lunch break at work. These are a quick and easy way to learn the content you’ll be tested on whilst on the go…


There are many of these out in the shops and online, which will focus on the rules of the road, road signs and anything you need to be aware of whilst driving. You may even be able to pick up one of these in your local charity shops, or borrow the Highway Code off your friend or driving instructor.

Ask your instructor questions

If there’s something you keep falling down on in practice tests or simply don’t understand, ask your instructor! They are an expert in these questions and can explain the concepts to you. After all, you’re probably paying Ā£30 an hour for a lesson, so you might as well use them to your advantage and get the most out of it.

Multiplicity of hazard perception videos

Had I known that you could click anywhere in the video on the test my scores would have been even better! In my opinion, the best way to get better at these is saying any hazards you see whilst out on the road, as well as testing yourself with free online videos.

The key to passing is practice, practice, practice! I hope you will take some of my tips onboard and I wish you all the luck in passing your theory test!

Is there anything you’d say to fellow learners?

Until next time,

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