9 Places You Must Visit in New York City!

When visiting New York, I’m sure you want to see and do as much as possible! With NYC being home to 8.5 million, the place is buzzing with things to do, meaning you’re likely to only just scratch the surface of the place whilst you’re there for a short period of time.

Of course, this list is just a small selection of things you can do in a short space of time (like me) with the majority of them being free or costing very little. These 9 places are just suggestions for you if you visit the city yourself.

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most well-known sights in the city, which connects the area of Manhattan with Brooklyn. Being a bridge, it’s open all day every day so you can go whenever you feel like it day or night to see the classic New York skyline. It’s over a mile long and there’s space for both pedestrians and cyclists. At peak times, the bridge can be busy with lots of people cycling either way, so be sure to keep on the pedestrian side. If you don’t want as many tourists, it may be best to go after 11pm. If it’s your first time, you’ll definitely want to take some pictures along the walk over of downtown, so it’ll take you roughly 40 minutes altogether.

Jane’s Carousel

A place to get some fine looking pictures of the city, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park by the East River and of course, if you fancy it, you could take a ride on the lovely carousel there too πŸ˜‰

Staten Island

A free ferry with stunning views – what’s not to love! In a single day, the ferry brings 70,000 people across the river, 22 million a year and from the deck of the boat, you can see the Statue of Liberty. The ferry ride each way is approximately 25-30 minutes long and you have to get off the ferry at Staten Island, whether you want to look around or hop back on. You might also want to know that there is free wifi on the ferry too, so posting your snaps of the view will be as simple as pie.

Times Square

A popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting New York, in the heart of the city. With bright lights at every hour, the place is always brimming with colour and therefore you can see why everyone calls it ‘the city that never sleeps’! An area packed with pedestrians usually means two things: lots of shops and restaurants on your doorstep. You should be aware that as the area is bustling 24/7, prices are often higher than slightly further out, so be prepared for this if you want to eat in the centre. The good thing about this area though, is you can spend as much time, or as little as you want to explore. A popular thing to do here is getting a photo on the red stairs there. Just look for the mass of people on a stadium like structure and you’ll realise you’re in the right place!

United Nations

I think I’d sound a little crazy if I didn’t put this one in my list, having now represented my university, De Montfort, there! You can go to the visitor centre and learn about what this fantastic institution does around the world for us all, promoting peace and security.

9/11 Memorial

There is a park which commemorates the victims of the attack, where their names were written in bronze around the two memorial pools. The memorial itself is free of charge to visit, open between 7.30am and 9pm each day of the week.

Dunkin Donuts

I had one of these every day I was in New York. Something I’m sure could easily become a bad habit when they’re just around the corner from wherever you are and it’s easy just to pop in and grab a sweet treat. I tried a Frozen Chocolate for the first time and I have to say it didn’t disappoint at all.

Central Park

Popular from the TV show ‘Friends’, I thought it would be apt to visit an American park during my trip in the States. With 843 acres of glorious green space to make use of here means there’s lots of space to sit and chill in the sunshine in the summer months of the year and in the winter, in the glistening white snow to be seen all around. Whatever the weather, I’d recommend going to see it to take a walk through a true urban park.

I’d say it’s a good place to relax and escape the crowds of tourists which fill the city. It’s free to visit and there are lots of paths to keep you busy if you’re not one for sitting down.

Shake Shack

Yes, I probably should have had a shake! But instead, I had the brightest orange Fanta I have ever seen in the entirety of my life (and I’ve had a lot of them!) with a BBQ Cheese Bacon Burger with classic French Fries.

Grand Central

A transportation hub – filled with cultural delicacies and shops – all in one place. Located at 89 East 42nd Street, it’s the perfect place to catch a train or hop on the metro downtown, with 250,000 using the station every single day. It’s open from 5.30am every day, until 2am on the following day, so there’s plenty of time for you to check this one out and see the four-faced opal clock in the Main Concourse.

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight to New York and that you consider visiting the city yourself, with friends or family as it is a place full of things to do!

Have you been to New York? Are there any places you think I’ve missed or could recommend?

Until next time,

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