Photo Diary: Berlin Sights 🇩🇪

So at the end of February, I took a trip to Berlin with #DMUGlobal. I wrote a post about my experience last week and thought as I had quite a few photos, I’d show you a collection of them in a photo thread.

One of the common sights you’ll see around the city is the Berlin Bear. The bear is the symbol of the city, so you’ll see a lot of these about when walking around the area.


These were some of the sights of Berlin. These include the Cathedral and the Fernsehturm (The TV Tower).



Whilst in the city, I visited the East Side Gallery. This was once the Berlin Wall and now it has been turned into the longest open-air gallery there is in the world. This last picture is probably the most famous artwork of all those along the Berlin Wall, it is called the “Fraternal Kiss” and it depicts two leaders; the Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev and East Germany’s Eric Honecker.



This is Brandenburg Gate – the symbol of reunification and is one of the most iconic sites in Berlin, showing how East and West Germany are now one. As it is an attraction that never closes, you’re able to visit at any time of the year.


This is the Reichstag- the Parliament of Germany. The dome is amazing to experience as you can see so many sights from one central place.  This panorama view is exquisite, I would definitely recommend taking a trip there if you’re in the city.


It was well worth visiting and if you can do the same, I would recommend it for a short break! Wherever you go in the world, you will always learn something about the culture and Berlin is a place where there is so much history to discover.

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7 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Berlin Sights 🇩🇪

  1. I went to Berlin last February as part of a college trip and it was such a beautiful, aesthetic place but because i went with college and we had to do what they say but that really sucked the fun out of it so im hoping i can go back soon with the leisure to do what i want! Beautiful photos x


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