Notebook Edit with SimplyKhloe ✨

I don’t know about you but I have a crazy amount of notebooks! So, what do I use them all for, you may ask? This post will answer just that! I really wanted to do this post as I saw a similar one on SimplyKhloe and it was amazing, you can check it out here!

You can check out Chloe’s post; her stationery wishlist here ✨

E Notebook
In this notebook, I write down anything to do with blogging, so think hashtags, twitter chat times, ideas and blog post plans. This is the newest of my notebooks as I received it as a present for Christmas in 2017. It’s really handy as it allows me to keep all my blog post ideas together in one place, instead of being in lots and lots of post-it notes everywhere.


Hello Beautiful Notebook 
I got this notebook from one of my friends a few years ago and haven’t used it until now, as I had no idea what to write in it! After writing my 2017 Reflections and Goals for 2018 post, I thought it would be good to have somewhere to record them and add progress to. That way at the end of the year in December I can easily see how far I’ve come in the four sections; health, life, uni and blogging. As the year progresses, I hope to set new ones and achieve the ones I set at the start of 2018.


One Thought a Day Journal
This journal gives you room to write a thought a day for five years. I saw similar journals in other people’s blog posts during December, so when I saw this small pocket size one in Wilko, I quickly put it in my basket! I think it’s a really nice way to reflect on your years, see how far you’ve come and how every day is different!

Pinky Purple Notebook
I bought this one in Tiger for £4. It’s got a fabulous plain fabric cover and inside it has nice plain pages, which I thought would be great for my first attempt at bullet journaling.

Floral Notebook
I love the print of this notebook and I even have a canvas tote bag that matches! I picked this up from Tiger too and because of how cute the pages are I was at a loose end with what to write or use it for. I came up with an idea eventually and I now use this book as a 365-day journal, where I can write a couple of things that happened every day of the year, along with a quote or photo!



Academic Diary
Of course, I use this for what it says on the tin and it was a bargain for only £1, from, yes you guessed it, Poundland! As a busy uni student, I need somewhere to write all the dates I need to remember from lectures to labour socials, it’s all got to be written down.


Of course, I’ve got many more, but this was just an insight to the ones I use the most. I’ve loved writing this post and working with Chloe, so be sure to check out her awesome post!

Until next time,

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