Tips for a Social Media Detox

Hello again!

Before we talked about phone usage and how we are constantly on our handheld mobile devices. Due to the positive response the post got, I thought I’d do a post with some tips on how you can use social media less.

Did you know the average person is said to check their phone 110 times a day? Pretty crazy, right? Could you ignore your phone for 30 minutes?

no mobile phobia; the fear of going without your phone

Time to give your phone a little space for itself, here are 15 tips to try!

  1. Track your phone checks
    You could use an app to see how many times you look at your phone.
  2. Set limits
    Make them manageable and therefore achievable.
  3. Make a to-do list each day
    Don’t check social media/emails until you’re finished.
  4. Turn off the notifications
    We all have them, but they can wait for an hour or two.
  5. Set a time you won’t go on your phone
    This could just be for half an hour. Any small amount of time is progress.
  6. Be brave
    Delete some social media apps.
  7. Get a hobby
    There must be something new you want to try. Maybe that’s a new sport or something else, go have the courage to do it.
  8. Keep a book/newspaper/magazine with you
    This way you can read something else when you’re bored, and chances are you’ll be learning new information too without even realising it.
  9. Put your phone on silent
    Go on, you know you want to!
  10. Don’t go on your phone before bed
    Instead write, read or do whatever as long as it doesn’t involve technology, and the internet!
  11. Night = Do Not Disturb mode
    No interruptions, more sleep! Personally, I think that’s always a bonus.
  12. Don’t go on your phone in class
    I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, especially when you’re there to learn.
  13. Hide your phone when you’re trying to work
    That way you won’t get distracted by it just being there
  14. Make yourself accountable
    Tell others how are cutting down on social media
  15. Go chill!
    Give yourself time to meet friends face to face, have a conversation in person and really connect!

Why not give it a try? Let’s face it, what have you really got to lose!

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10 thoughts on “Tips for a Social Media Detox

  1. This is a pretty cool post which made me seriously think about how much I check my phone, I’m terribly guilty of being one of those that does it every 5 minutes, haha! I’m doing a lot better at having a cut off time though where I won’t touch it after 11pm unless it’s a phone call so you know, baby steps 😛
    Great post with some good tips, thanks for sharing Emily 🙂

    Jessica xo /


  2. On this I’d rather say just turn on the DND mode on your phone and rest works like charm. At times if I am reading something and notifs annoy me, I just turn on the DND mode. Notifs will stay there to check later on but won’t nudge me every other second and annoy me to look into them. Apart from that turning off the Internet is another simple and effective solution as most distractions end with no Internet. Better than loading a bunch of apps on your phone and then worrying about their notifs once again.


  3. This is an important topic. Especially for bloggers! I tend to feel more pressure to stay online and engage with readers and people who tweet me, email me. The more traffic my blog gets the more I feel like I spend all of my time online on my social media! I am going to start utilizing some of these tips to give my brain a break! Great post! Love this!


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