#MondayMotivation | Post 8

Hello everyone! How are we all this fine Monday?

This time last week I was off to the Welsh Assembly with my university course. This was my first visit to a devolved body and it was definitely different to Parliament in Westminster! Having had such busy time recently, I wasn’t able to post as much as usual, but I hope you enjoy this post.

Due to all the support for these posts, I’d thought I would continue with another (can you believe we’re at Post 8 already?). As per usual here’s a mood board of quotes:



In case you missed it before, I’ve created a ‘Positive Playlist’ ✨ If you’d like a song added, just let me know.

Which is your favourite quote/song?

Just over a week ago I posted about Volunteering, so feel it would be fitting to write a short piece about helping others:

I think sometimes the best thing you can do is to help others in some way; maybe through volunteering or just a chat. By lifting others, it gives us a sense of pride and happiness and this is great in the sense that we will feel more motivated to go and focus on our goals.

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!”

Until next time,

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(Disclaimer: these quotes were all found on the lovely site which is Pinterest and therefore aren’t mine, so I give credit to the original owners!)

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