Book Review: The Islamist by Ed Husain 📖

Reading always used to be a given, but with everything that this education system in the UK demands at us from GCSE onwards, it's hard just to read for pleasure. I'm trying, though. I've read 5 books so far this year, and although it's not a lot I'd call it an achievement as last year … Continue reading Book Review: The Islamist by Ed Husain 📖

Photo Diary: Berlin Sights 🇩🇪

So at the end of February, I took a trip to Berlin with #DMUGlobal. I wrote a post about my experience last week and thought as I had quite a few photos, I'd show you a collection of them in a photo thread. One of the common sights you'll see around the city is the … Continue reading Photo Diary: Berlin Sights 🇩🇪

Stationary Wishlist with That Creative Genius

A must read – Chloe’s collab post with my Notebook Edit!

Simply Khloe

Two blog posts in the same number of days? Go me! Today’s post is a stationary wishlist and a collaboration post with the lovely Emily from That Creative Genius. Emily and I bonded a few weeks ago over our love and passion for stationary- you’ve all seen the level of my addiction shown in my post, The Notebook Edit. I saw the other day a post that said “I’m the most organized unorganized person ever,” and that speaks to me on another level. I adore planners and notebooks and all things stationary, yet I’m still left a very stress lady that always has an endless list of things to do.

Alas, as if I haven’t enough notebooks, pens and other cute stationary bits, here is my current wishlist of all the things that would help further the illusion that I actually have an organized life!

  1. A Marble Notebook

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Voice Goes To WWF HQ!

I'm back with another installment in my youth voice journey! I hope you enjoy reading about my time as a  UK Youth Voice representative for the East of England 🙂 In case you haven't heard about Voice yet, check out my post about A New Youth Voice Journey and then you'll be up to date … Continue reading Voice Goes To WWF HQ!

Experience Berlin in 2018 🇩🇪

Being almost a month since I took a trip outside the UK, I thought it was about time to write about a totally hectic trip! One which will be remembered for many years to come, with some amazing people from my university, as part of the #DMUGlobal scheme. It was a rather short trip of 3 nights … Continue reading Experience Berlin in 2018 🇩🇪