What It Feels Like Without A Phone

Ping, ding, bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzt… Listen in, now is the time to take a break!

Without a phone, you quickly come to realise how many people are constantly on theirs wherever you go in your day-to-day lives, be that a lecture or a coffee shop, and it made me think how much the world has changed in the last 10 years alone. I realised this myself this month when somebody stole my phone, so please take the time to read this post and reflect on your own phone habits.

Apologies for the quality of this photo! (I was trying the camera out on my make-do phone for now)

The thought you have to be always connected otherwise you’ll miss out on a post from your favourite brand or celebrity, is a crazy thing.  What this time out showed me is how much we need this device to plan what we’re doing and to contact others, it’s a phenomenon in itself! Although it’s only been for a short time, it made me aware of just how much time you spend your tech devices and what you should be doing more of, as a balance of digital vs non-digital. I think we all need to do more of “living in the moment” But how can we do this if we’re always staring at a phone screen?

Now, I’m not saying you should reject the internet altogether, as in this day and age I feel this would be pretty impossible. All I’m asking is for you to consider your usage, just like I have during this non-phone scenario. Don’t do this for me, do it for you and your people, I’m sure we’d all benefit from it in the long run. After all, that’s how it used to be in the ‘good old days’, so we can learn something from the past.

The main reason we have a phone is so we can contact someone in an emergency, right? In 2018, a smartphone is for convenience, not necessity – if you didn’t have one you’d be more prepared for a trip and you write down more information. Conversations with others in real life would become easier in every aspect. Right now, it can be difficult to have one as so many are attached to their handset. Therefore, changing a person’s focus, is somewhat a tricky task. Though, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Photos from phone 649
This is an old photo of myself (i.e. old glasses) with my mum but talking to others around you in person is really important to do and cherish every moment you spend with your friends/family/others.

I think it’s quite obvious that through digital means, we become more distracted, we live with a constant fear of missing out (FOMO). Is this healthy? Not really, but I don’t think you needed me to say that to you. Shouldn’t we really be more present in life?

By being so caught up in this handheld online sphere, when we become bored we have no idea what to do with ourselves. The easiest thing to do would be to scroll facebook, instagram, twitter, snap some selfies on Snapchat… I’m sure most of you can relate.But putting aside the device can have its benefits, for example, it’s more likely you’d be creative. Obviously as with anything it will take time to adapt to using your phone less, as you’ve used it phone so much since you got it and stopping it now would be like torture for most I imagine. But, I assure you, cutting down will help, with being more productive, feeling happier in yourself and feeling truly fulfilled with your life, even if it means 20 mins less connected time a day.

This post is here to give you a moment to reflect on your habits. Of course, whether you have a smartphone or not doesn’t determine whether you are a good or bad person. I just hope in the times of boredom you do something a little less digital, and put aside your phone to have a conversation with somebody else in person (this may be a friend, or a member of your family), read a book or do something else that you enjoy.

I’m currently reading My Own Story and here are the books I’ve read this year: The Geography of You and Me + The Islamist!

We can’t stop being connected in some way, due to globalisation, but we can learn how to manage it.

I hope this has made you think and I’d love to know your thoughts on this post. Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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27 thoughts on “What It Feels Like Without A Phone

  1. The thought of me forgetting my phone/losing it or just not having it on me really makes me anxious, i love to listen to music when im on the bus and just whenever im anywhere i use my phone for everything. My boyfriend (who’s 19) doesnt have a phone. He refuses to have one and its so annoying if i ever need to get in contact when hes out, but i admire that he can so easily go out without the need of a phone!


    1. I completely understand that! It’s just nice to have a break from it sometimes 🙂 that’s amazing, I’d love to know how he does it- I guess if you’ve never had one then it’s hard to imagine life with one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts lovely x


  2. You make some very good points, it is good to try and take a break from your phone sometimes because you can spend too much time on it and not enough in the real world. I’m so sorry about your phone being stolen!! Xx


  3. Great post. I really need to cut back on my phone usage and have started to do this more and more. As a blogger it is difficult to get the balance right as alot of my ‘work’ comes through social media and email but at the same time I feel I need to be present when spending time with the kids so been making more of an effort to do that this year and schedule more posts etc


  4. I’ll sdmit that when I get bored I’ll open Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and mindlessly scroll forever. If I can’t find anything interesting I’ll usually take a nap, dang that sounds bad. I did read today, I’ve got 3 books started and that’s never been a problem of mine.


  5. I love this. I spend far too much time moaning that the younger generation rely on technology too much that I forgot to note my inability to leave the house without my phone. I think I’m going to make a stronger effort to be on my phone a lot less xxx


  6. It actually really annoys me if I’m talking to someone and they don’t pay attention cuz they’re on their phone. I feel like I’m busy enough that I don’t even have that much time to spend on my phone. And yeah sometimes I do miss out on stuff that’s happening, but that’s probably because I actually spend time with a loved one or do something useful. I realised that I can waste so much time by scrolling through social media and in that time I could actually do more in real life. I really liked this post, I think more people should put their phone down and just be present. x


  7. I do spend a significant amount of time on my phone, mainly for blogging purposes as I do not have a laptop or iPad but I do think it’s SUPER important to unplug which I spend a significant amount of time doing. Me and my boyfriend make sure to spend electronic free time together. I realize all the time how everyone in public and at home stares at their electronic devices ! Love this post. Your points were so extremely valid. We will NOT die without cell phones! Lol


  8. This is really interesting. I hate how reliant we are on technology in general these days. And nothing annoys me more than being in a bar or restaurant and seeing a full table of people all on their phones. However I don’t think living without one is practical these days especially with having a blog etc. It would be too hard to stay on top of everything without one! 💕



  9. I broke my phone a week and a bit ago, and I’ve definitely had a similar revelation to you in how much time we actually spend on them. Before I broke it, I was using an app to track the time spent on my phone – 3+ hours a day, on average! That’s a FIFTH of the time I’m awake! Definitely embracing a new change in my screen use.
    Abby – http://www.seafoaming.com


  10. Hi Emily! I agree the we all get so caught up in our phones, we forget to enjoy the moment. I live in Ecuador and have no data plan on my smartphone so when I leave a wifi zone, it becomes a dumb phone with only talk and text. A few of my friends here have data plans but most do not. It is refreshing to live where most people walking down the street are not holding a phone in front of their face.

    When we enter a restaurant with free wifi, it is a different story. We all connect and are on our phones until we verify that we have no urgent messages waiting for us. Anything non-urgent can wait until we get home. It does make my responses on social media and my own blog more delayed than the rest of the world might expect but I like it this way.
    Enjoyed your post!


  11. So true and such a good post! It’s astounding just how often I reach for my phone, even sometimes for a sense of security when i’m feeling uncomfortable but lately I’ve been making such a conscience effort to put it away and be fully present in my surroundings and it’s made such a difference!


  12. Love this post but not what happened to your phone! I’m trying to be more present and down the phone more. I went to a gig last night and bar a couple of quick videos and pics I put my phone away to just feel the music to dance to really take it in. I felt sad to see everyone else watching it happen in front of them through their phone screen.


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