January Roundup and Goals Progress

So after a bit of an odd day on Thursday, I’m super glad to be back to reflect on what January had in store for me and talk about how far I’ve come with my goals so far this year. I feel this post is slightly overdue, saying we’re already over a 1/3 through February anyway, but I still thought it needed to be expressed.

2 things that stood out for me in January
Community Service Award
At the beginning of January, I was presented with this award, for my commitment to young people and the community inside and outside of sixth form life. I was absolutely honoured to receive this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep the trophy!


I had the chance to meet some of my lovely friends before heading back to university on the 5th January.ย  As this was part of my goals, I’m so glad I had some time to catch up.


I know January seemed like a long month for the majority of us. Finally though it’s February- the second month of 2018 and hopefully the rest of the year will fly by with lots of lovely memories!

I didn’t set individual goals for the month of January itself, instead it was more to focus on the targets I set for the whole year ahead.


Looking at these so far, I said to myself I would go use my leisure membership more and I have definitely done that, even if it was only 6 times or so, that’s still an improvement in my book and therefore I’m happy with that.

Yes this picture is from Summer 2017. But I’ve eaten more apples in January, so thought it was relevantย ๐Ÿ˜‚

I’ve eaten more fruit and veg to an extent. I say this because in almost every meal I make I include vegetables of some sort- whether that be courgettes, carrots, cauliflower or sweetcorn, or something else entirely. On the water front I’m trying to drink more by taking a water bottle into my lectures and seminars and when I’m back in the flat, I’ll try to make sure I have a glass of water next to where I’m working.



Since the start of the year, I have read 2 books so far, which I think is good, considering how busy it gets when term is in full swing. These were The Islamist and The Geography of You and Me. I started bullet journalling for the first time, so I’m only in the early stages at the moment but it’s progress and as I say, any move forward is positive and a step in the right direction. It’s a success so far and I was glad to start once I finally found a suitable notebook in Tiger. Also, I started a 365 day journal where I plan to document something from every day of the year.

There are some goals I haven’t been able to start doing much yet as they require me to be working and gaining a small income; therefore finishing learning to drive would be difficult and exploring more of the world is hard without much money or time. But I have started to do practice theory tests as that will always be helpful, when I start doing more lessons and complete the actual theory test whenever that may be.

Snapchat-1870565243I’m still going on the job front- if I give up, I’ll never get anywhere, so at least I can learn from the experience of applying and going to interviews and then, hopefully it’ll pay off and I’ll get somewhere in the near future. It’s a waiting game.

Moving on, I’ve been trying to use my camera more but sadly every time I go, it seems to tip it down- which is just my luck, but I’ll do my best to get some in the dry.


On the finance front, I haven’t really done much to sort my budget out, but I’ve cut back more on my spending. I don’t really treat myself, so it shouldn’t be hard to save a few pounds here and there! I want to be a savvy student this term, as the loan payment was a lot less than the first term once my accommodation payment was taken out and I don’t particularly want to go into my overdraft.

On the essay front, I’ve had a break from them. Soon I’ll have to plan and write the next set, so I’ll keep the idea of writing the essay earlier in the back of my mind.


At the start of February, I attended a presentation on placement years, so hopefully this will help me to figure out what I’d like to do in the future after I have finished my Bachelors degree at uni.


I’ve definitely taken part in more twitter chats, as I’ve made more effort to join in when I have the free hour or so of time in my day. I also made a list of twitter chats on my Q&A post and in my blogging notebook. However, I’m still trying to get to know some bloggers more, I feel this will come with time and therefore I’m not one to rush. In the first month of the year, I managed to blog at least 2 times a week, but sometimes it would be inconsistent (in terms of the days I posted), so I’ve decided in February I will try and stick to a schedule. I’m not really sure how successful this will be, worth a try though!

I use my own photographs in my blog posts, but they might not always be recent pictures. As a result, this could be something I could work on. I create my own blog graphics, do you like them? I’d love to know your opinions.


My use of Bloglovin and Pinterest has been limited as I haven’t had time to research how best to promote to benefit my blog. I hope that I can look more into these in February.ย  When drafting this post,ย  I was at 185 followers and now I’m over 200 and I’m so grateful for all the support I’m getting.

Lastly, I’m still looking into guest posts and doing more collaborations. So if you’re a blogger that would like to work with me, please say! I’ve done a post with The Diary of Ellie and it was honestly so exciting to write, so I’m looking forward to do more this year.

In February, I hope to…

  • Have more time for myself
  • Stay positive
  • Reach 800 views for February on my blog
  • Reach 250 followers on my blog (as I’ve already got 200, yay!)

How are you doing at achieving your goals? What do you think of this post?

That’s all from me for now.
Until next time,

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