HOW TO KEEP ORGANISED with The Diary of Ellie

I don’t know about you, but I’m a busy person (I even have a notebook telling me so), therefore I needed to find a way to keep myself organised. I thought every one would benefit from this kind of post, so thought I might as well do one and everyone always asks me how I do it! When Ellie reached out for people to collaborate with, I was right there! We decided on this post on how to keep organised as we’re both bloggers and it takes a lot of time management- as it’s basically a job on its own, without studying too!

You can check out Ellie’s fab post here 🌻

6 ways to keep organised:

I have many of these (in fact I should probably pause from getting anymore for a while!) I always need one on me at all times so I can write down what comes into my head. If I don’t have a notebook around, of course, I’ll use the memo function on my phone, but you can also do the same on the sticky notes function of your computer/laptop!

Back-up your stuff
If your stuff is important, especially on your laptop, make sure you backup regularly to prevent loosing something. This can be as simple as saving it to Google Drive, iCloud etc as well.

Set yourself deadlines
Especially for all you students out there this is a must! Who really wants to feel overwhelmed and severely stressed? This way you’ll complete your tasks before they need to be done, making you feel more relaxed about your studies.

Similarly to the above, setting goals is essential. There’s several ways you could do this, so find one that suits you, maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to write a bucket list?

Don’t allow lots of procrastination
If you wait and put off something for a long time you’re unlikely to get it done and if you do, it’ll be super difficult as you will have lost all motivation for doing so.

Keep your workspace tidy and de-clutter
By doing this, you know where everything is when you need to find it! Of course, from time to time, you’ll forget where an item is, but it’ll limit this. Spare 10 minutes from your schedule every week to give your room wherever you work/are most, a spring clean! It’ll make it easier to start doing a task, clear space= clear mind or something like that!

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but I’ve loved doing this post and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it too! If any bloggers would like to do a collab/guest post, then please do get in touch!

Until next time,

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14 thoughts on “HOW TO KEEP ORGANISED with The Diary of Ellie

  1. You seem SO much more organised than me haha, backing up stuff is something i really need to start doing more, nothing i worry about more than losing work. Notebooks are like my favourite thing ever to make myself feel organised! Lovely post and thanks so much for collabing x

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  2. Yes yes yes to having a tidy work space! cleaning up and making sure everything is clutter free works wonders for me if I need to focus. Clean space = clean mind. Great post lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

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