5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

University = the best years of your life, right? For most people this will be the case I’m sure. It’s a time to discover who you really are and think about the next steps in your life and your career.

We all know what student life is: the cramming of revision, the stress of writing essays, learning new skills whilst also balancing a social life, and maybe a work life. Yes it’s a tough time, but it’s time we have fun this year, meeting new people and learning to live independently. For many I know, this is getting into your flat at 4am in the morning eating chips after a night out.

As there’s only 3 years of university life for the majority, here are 5 things you should do this year before you start life in the ‘real world’.

1. Start Something New

Take a look at all the societies and sports clubs you could get involved in and see which ones take your fancy. I know that every year, in September, there’s freshers fairs where all the clubs come together in a uni space to showcase what they can offer. They can be a great way to make new friends, whilst having fun at the same time. Sometimes there’s fairs in February time, it might be worth looking out for!

2. Take lots of photos

One of the best ways to remember your time at uni is by taking photos. It’s so easy to snap a selfie instantly on your smartphone!

3. Do something good

Go and volunteer at a charity shop, local scout or guide group, animal centre or food bank (or anywhere else that takes your fancy!). Also, most universities have volunteering initiatives in place for you to be involved in, so it’s definitely worth having a look.

4. Learn to cook your favourite meals

Make it your home from home! Admit it, you’ve thought about the times your parents made a Sunday roast dinner, lasagna, bangers and mash, carbonara… whatever it was, it’s time to learn how to make it. Give your parents a call, or grab a student cookbook and learn the basics.

5. Travel

Take that however you like. Obviously, being a student, being broke is a common occurrence, so even just visiting the local cathedral, the lanes or another sight in your area. Alternatively, you could use this as motivation to save up for a short weekend break or holiday in the summer after your exams.


There’s so much more that you can do this year and I’d say if you’ve got some goals, then definitely go out there and show people you can achieve them! I’d love to know what you think students should do in 2018!

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4 thoughts on “5 Things Every Student Must Do in 2018

  1. You forgot the most important. Start living life. Most of the time we are so indulged into assignments, research and other uni work that it leaves us nothing to show our creativity. Blogging, even simple instagramming takes time. Have a hobby and having a past time is really important to develop one self and avoid negative vibes in these tight schedules.


  2. Last one really speaks out to me, because I always plan to travel but never actually do it? And also I’m in high school so I can’t really do much until my friends get their drivers license lmao. Keep up the amazing writing xox


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