What’s in it for you: Volunteering

In recognition of #StudentVolunteeringWeek, I thought it would be timely to mention the benefits of being involved in volunteering, whether that's at your local charity shop, scout group, animal centre or something different entirely! When this post goes live, I'll be at a UK Youth Voice residential, volunteering my time to participate in training to … Continue reading What’s in it for you: Volunteering

Mystery Blogger Award: Take Two

I've been nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award for a second time, but the first time this year, so I thought what better thing to do than to write a post on it! Thank you to Kayleigh for nominating me, please give her blog some love ❤️ You can view her version of this post here✨ … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award: Take Two

#MondayMotivation | Post 7

Hello everyone! 🌸 I'm back after a fairly productive weekend; I had time to read, promote my blog, be social and study a little. I hope last week treated you well, if not don't worry I'm here to bring some positivity into your lives once again for the seventh week in a row (Can you believe … Continue reading #MondayMotivation | Post 7

What It Feels Like Without A Phone

Ping, ding, bzzzt, bzzzt, bzzzt... Listen in, now is the time to take a break! Without a phone, you quickly come to realise how many people are constantly on theirs wherever you go in your day-to-day lives, be that a lecture or a coffee shop, and it made me think how much the world has … Continue reading What It Feels Like Without A Phone

#MondayMotivation | Post 6

It's MONDAY! Some of you voted in my twitter poll last week that you'd like another Monday Motivation post this week, so I hope you enjoy! It's about you today and everyday of the week; focus on your goals and achievements this year. The top right one of these quotes I feel is something most … Continue reading #MondayMotivation | Post 6

January Roundup and Goals Progress

So after a bit of an odd day on Thursday, I'm super glad to be back to reflect on what January had in store for me and talk about how far I've come with my goals so far this year. I feel this post is slightly overdue, saying we're already over a 1/3 through February … Continue reading January Roundup and Goals Progress