My First Q&A post!

Q&A with Emily
I started to draft this post on January 7th and before then, I thought about doing one of these type of posts for a while, especially in December, when I was starting to think about the type of content I’d like to post this year. Earlier this month, I reached out on my twitter account (FoxyEmily13), asking for some questions to answer.

Here they are! As I’ve got some similar questions, I’ve tried to combine them in the answers. Each name of a blogger, is linked to their personal blogs, so you should check them out too, after reading this post 😉

Hebah (@hebahpervaiz) asked “What made you start blogging? And where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” and Sophie (@sophieacain) asked “What made you start blogging?”
I have written about this before in a previous blog post about why I started blogging, but I’ll mention why here briefly. I started because I was reading other people’s blogs and could relate and felt I could also write and express my feelings about a range of topics, especially in the lifestyle category. In addition, it’s another way I was allowed to be creative.
Why I Blog

If I’m completely honest, I have no idea what I’d like to do in 5 years time, however one thing I do know is that I want to make change and influence others to do the same! Hopefully, I’ll still be blogging (I reckon it’ll be a time thing, rather than a loss of interest thing), so people around the world can feel empowered to improve their lives and be influenced by what I have to say!

Natalie (@natali3hans0n) asked “What are your favourite types of posts to write? And specifically your favourite post?”  and  Katie (@katies_corner) asked “What has been you most favourite blog post to write and why?”
Roxanne (@The_Happy_Diary) asked “Favourite blog post you’ve written so far?”

My favourite posts to write at the moment are probably the ones about motivation, which is ironic in a sense, as sometimes when I’m not my best, I forget to take my own advice! But hopefully, I can learn and improve on that!
My favourite blog post to write this year so far has probably been Goals for 2018, as I wanted somewhere I could write them, where I’d almost have to be accountable to myself (if that makes some kind of sense).
Goals for 2018

Eden (@everythingedenx) asked “What’s your dream job?”
This is a question I no longer have a concrete answer to. I cannot pin point a job I really want to do, after uni, the road right now looks empty (at least I still have 2 and 1/2 years, at least, to figure it all out). Within the last few years, a lot has happened in my life which has meant my aspirations of jobs have changed. I used to want to work in the fashion industry and produce designs, as my passion for textiles was strong and I had teachers who supported me. However, over the last two years, this focus drifted, as I was constantly given improvements that felt like daggers and was made to feel ashamed of my work.
Potentially, looking back, I could have used this as motivation, and to some extent I did, to try and prove them wrong, that I could do it and better than they ever thought I would. Therefore, after my involvement in youth politics and other study at A-Level, I swing towards something more communication based and political, but I am not quite sure what, but I’m intrigued to find out.

Jess (@jessxclare) asked “What is your favourite thing about blogging?”
The community itself. All the blogger chats and comment threads that are available to join in at different times of the week are brilliant to speak to other bloggers online.
I know a lot of people struggle to remember when they are, so here’s a small list of some I’ve taken part in/heard of:
#teacupclub 5-6pm
#beechat 5-6pm @cbeechat
#TheGirlGang 6-7pm @TheGirlGangHQ
The Bloggers Hub (@thebloggershub_)
#BDIB (Bloggers Do It Better) 7-8pm @BDIBCHAT
Pretty Little Bloggers 7-8pm @PlbChat
#fblchat 8-9pm @fashbeautylife
#bloghour 9-10pm @UKBlogAwards
#lbloggers 7-8pm
#teacupclub 7-8pm
#tbcnightnatter 8-9pm @thebloggercrowd
#bbloggers (beauty bloggers) 8-9pm
The Bloggers Hub (@thebloggershub_)
#fdbloggers (food) 8-9pm @fdbloggers
#GRLPWR 8-9pm
#beechat 9-10pm
#bdib 8-9pm
Pretty Little Bloggers 6-7pm #plbchat
#bloggerstribe 7-8pm
#teacupclub 5-6pm
#lbloggers 7-8pm
#bbloggers 8-9pm
#blogospherechat 8-9pm
#PosiMH 8-9pm
#GRLPOWR 9-10pm

If you know of any more that I haven’t included, then be sure to share them in the comments below!

Lola (@lola_adewuya) asked “Who are your blogger inspirations?” and “What’s your favourite social media?”
To pick just one blogger inspiration would be hard as there are so many bloggers who do and write incredible things on their own respective platforms.
However, there are collective blogs like The Growing Up Guide and The Blogger Crowd, who let bloggers write articles for them on a variety of topics. So if you haven’t checked them out, you definitely should!

My favourite social media channel has to be Twitter. I’ve used it since 2014, when I was campaigning to be elected as a Member of Youth Parliament, which was a success, and to this day, I still use twitter now. But 4 years ago, I never thought that I would be using the platform for blogging! I’m glad that I am and it has allowed me to start connections with other bloggers, which I’m grateful for.
twitter 27-01-18

@myscrambledegg1 asked “How often do you think about changing your blog’s layout?” and “The most stressful thing about blogging?”
I think about it quite a bit, just because it’s hard to know which one you want when there’s so many lovely layouts out there! As I read so many blogs, as often as I can each week, I see a collection of different elements I want to implement.
The most stressful thing about blogging… this is a question I’m not sure how to answer right now- especially being pretty relaxed writing this post on a Saturday afternoon in January. I guess something which people underestimate is the time it takes it write a blog post and improve your blog.

A girl with a blog (@JeansandTonics) asked “What do you find the most annoying about the whole online world?”
Wow, what a crazy broad question. Probably people being outrightly rude to others, the world wide web should be a platform where people can promote their opinions freely without unnecessary criticism.
Honestly, as Thumper says in Bambi:

‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!’

I would like to say thank you to Hebah, Sophie, Natalie, Katie, Eden, Jess, Lola, myscrambledegg, A Girl with a blog and Roxanne for their range of questions, otherwise this Q&A post may have been a little hard to write.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post! Please do let me know what you think 😊

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15 thoughts on “My First Q&A post!

  1. I love reading Q&A posts – it allows readers to get to know people so much better and I love it!
    Best wishes, Gee x


  2. I totally agree – my favourite thing to come of blogging is the community by far! It’s so inclusive and welcoming and everyone is just so kind. I loved your list of chats by the way, very helpful! xx

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