#MondayMotivation|Post 2

It’s Monday again, readers! But fear not, I’ve got some more tips to smash your Monday and motivate you for this week, especially as today is noted as ‘Blue Monday’ (but I totally disagree with whoever said this). We can do anything that life throws at us, whether that’s on our own or with the help of others.

If you’ve read last week’s post, you’ll know I’ll be doing a series of motivational posts on Mondays to help you all out and this is the second one of that series.

To start off, as last week I got a lot of comments saying how helpful the quotes were, I thought I’d start off with that today, to remind you of a few things:



Moving on, I think if you’re more productive on Monday, you’ll be in the right mindset to be more productive during the course of the week!

Stuff to try today!

1) Make a little to-do list
Chances are you’ll forget something you want to do, so the best way is to write it down, whether that be on your phone, laptop, or on a piece of paper. Try not to write too many things on it, otherwise you’ll be annoyed that you haven’t completed them. Best way is to prioritise about 5-10 tasks you’d like to get done, in this case on a Monday. (but don’t bully yourself, if you can’t complete all of them, just add them as the first things to do the next day!)
2) Remove your distractions
I think for most people this is their phone, turn it off (or put it on silent) and move it away from your desk area. That way you won’t be able to check it and you’ll focus on the task you want to complete.
3) Make time for YOU
Have some time in your day where you take a break from everything and do what you love most!
4) Smile more!
You’ll feel more positive and happy within yourself, as smiling is meant to relieve stress, and that’ll make you believe in your goals more!
5) Reflect on your day!
What’s gone well? What’s not gone so well? What do you want to achieve tomorrow? I’d say write this down too, so you can track how far you’ve come.

To finish, I’d like to say to you all:


From experience, I can tell you this is true, so take the pledge BELIEVE and take a step forward and you’ll be closer to your goals than you thought was possible.

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(these quotes were all found on the lovely site which is Pinterest!)

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14 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation|Post 2

  1. Those are simple and sweet reminders that many of us just forget to do. I’m looking forward to see more, my favourite motivational quote is “Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.” It might seem a bit negative but it just works for me, I had it as the background of my first little teenage blog.


  2. These Monday motivation posts are absolutely wonderful! I’m aiming to put my phone done for a bit later and spend some good time with my boyfriend, watching movies and eating pizza with no distractions! xxx


  3. Love all your tips and I think have a motivating, encouraging blog post on Mondays is fantastic! Love all of the quotes! I have an encouragement page on my blog with lots of quotes I have found on Pinterest- I have to go to it sometimes to reflect! I love the tips you gave and really think they are all great. My favorite is smile more!!! Have a beautiful day!


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