Versatile Blogger Award

So, I’m back with another post and this time I’ve been nominated for the…

Versatile Blogger Award

by Kate. You can check out her awesome post here! (@Kate_Jones50)


  1. Share 7 facts about yourself
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award

7 facts about me
(in no particular order!)

  • I like notebooks (I’ve stopped myself from buying them at the minute) and I have enough that I could do a Notebook Haul post 😂
  • I haven’t travelled outside Europe, so obviously that’s my aim for the next couple of years!
  • I love helping others- whether this is through volunteering projects or blogging!
  • I have a crazy amount of clothes- both at uni and at home- and I don’t even buy many. It’s because I haven’t really grown, so a lot still fit me and there have been some hand my downs from my twin too!
  • I like to be busy doing something!
  • I’m a fan of indie and alternative music.
  • I like a good roast dinner!

I nominate (all handles are twitter ones):

🌸 Abby (@authentic_blog)🌸 Jasmin (@jasminsworld0)🌸 Eden (@everythingedenx) 🌸
🌸 Becky (@uptown_oracle) 🌸 Chloe (@_simplykhloe) 🌸Hannah (@whathannahwrote)🌸 Sophie (@sophieacain) 🌸 Lucy (@LucyAlice_burt) 🌸 Lexi (@lexilikesblog) 🌸
🌸 Deborah (@deborahembury) 🌸 Katie (@katies__corner) 🌸 Shan (@dreamingxdaisy)
🌸 El (@elizekahn) 🌸 Lauryn (@LilBitOfLauryn) 🌸 Natalie (@natali3hans0n) 🌸

Hope you all enjoyed this tag!

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10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so much for the tag! I’m a notebook hoarder too, I have enough to probably last me the rest of my lifetime! and I mean who doesn’t love a roast dinner, they’re my favourite.

    Nat x –


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