Blog in Review: 2017

Thought it makes sense to do a round-up of my blog in 2017, as I’d like to reflect back on the year as I progress and hope to expand my blog. I know that the progress on my blog has been slow, however 2017 has been the best year for my blog so far!

In 2017:

  • I published 49 posts, writing 20,019 words altogether!
  • I received 197 likes
  • The best amount of views I got was on October 21st!
  • I got 1,751 views!
  • 903 visitors
  • This blog was viewed from all over the world, in over 30 countries;
    • UK
    • USA
    • Germany
    • Canada
    • Ireland
    • India
    • Tanzania
    • Kenya
    • New Zealand
    • Greece
    • Norway
    • Malaysia
    • Australia
    • Netherlands
    • South Africa
    • Ukraine
    • Poland
    • Brazil
    • Japan
    • Columbia
    • Italy
    • Montserrat
    • Russia
    • Philippines
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Denmark
    • Nigeria
    • Austria
    • Romania
    • Egypt
    • Lithuania
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Curacao

2017 blog map coverage

My most viewed posts were:

  1. A-Z of Uni Essentials
  2. A new youth voice journey

My most liked posts were:

  1. The Mystery Blogger Award
  3. Things to do when you’re not feeling yourself

I know that these figures are rather small, but I believe that I can build on this in 2018 and influence and motivate my readers even more.

I appreciate your support and hope that I will continue to write posts that you enjoy and I love to write! Thank you to all the bloggers who have commented, liked and followed my blog in 2017 (and before then, and in 2018 of course), you’re all awesome!

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6 thoughts on “Blog in Review: 2017

  1. Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself, with the great results that have come from your hard work and dedication. I’m excited to see what yourself and your blog brings in 2018!πŸ’›

    Nat x –


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