2017 Reflections

I’m writing this post just three days after 2017 has finished and I feel this is a post that needs to be put up, as before writing this, I felt like I hadn’t done much in 2017. This highlights some of the moments there were for me, good or bad, in the last 12 months.

2017, you’ve been an interesting year, to say at the least, it’s been challenging, but there have been positive times too.


UEA Politics Countering Terrorism Conference

Geography trip to London studying the Docklands and Olympic Park


London for a UK Youth Parliament PG Handover

Visit to DMU in Leicester

Breckland YAB Youth Conference


I recieved a youth social action award #greatactsofkindness, after being nominated by Ben Dunne for the work I’ve done with young people.


Student Voice meeting

I achieved my Chief Scout’s Platinum Award at the St Georges Day parade we (the explorers, with help from the leaders) organised.

I lost someone close to me; my great aunt.


I went canvassing for Labour 🌹

I went to the Young People’s Election Debate


I finished the living hell i.e. my textiles a-level


I went to No 10 Downing Street to deliver the Youth Voice Manifesto

I attended the Norfolk Show

I went to my sixth forms leavers ball.


I started learning to drive.

I attended my first UK Youth Voice meeting.

I was elected, alongside Jake, as one of the youth officers for the Mid Norfolk CLP.

I had my 18th birthday- where I had a meal at the place I work, being treated amazingly, this is where I had my first legal alcoholic drink.

I got with my lovely boyfriend on the 25th, where we spent our time in Leicester.


I visited part of Italy with the Explorer and Network Scouts

I went to Cromer Carnival.

Results Day- I personally hoped this would have gone better than I thought but I try not to let it get me down! I’m of the attitude that you can carry on and live your life the way you want no matter what happens.

I lost another person close to my heart; my grandma.


I finished working in a restaurant for a while, well at least until Christmas, so I could focus on uni. Also it’s a bit too far to travel and work there during term time.

I moved into my first year uni accommodation and enrolled.


I started my course in Politics and International Relations

I was a delegate at the Young Labour Policy Conference, held at the University of Warwick.

APPG Brexit Report Launch

LabSoc Quiz and Social

Started presenting and doing newsreads on DemonFM, the university’s radio station.


Liz Kendall talk

I attended a Student Voice meeting in London and then afterwards I chose to take a very impromptu visit to Oxford to visit my twin at uni.

Congress to Campus

My friend Xara visited me in Leicester and it was so lovely just to chill, relax, laugh and catch up.

Went to Royal Albert Hall to watch my twin play with the Norfolk Symphonic Wind Band.

2nd UK Youth Voice resi, held in Birmingham!

Peterborough with uni squad, after our first essay submission, which I got the result for a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased with how my first essay went!


I attended House of Lords Chamber Event, after applying through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK- this is something I wanted to do for a while, so I was grateful to be invited. Despite not being picked to speak, it was an amazing opportunity to sit in this fine chamber.

Blogmas- I actually managed to complete all 25 days (somehow!)

Dinner with Lord Mayor of London at Mansion House

Met Kim in Norwich: Tunnel of Light

Met sixth form squad for a Costa

Buffet on Xmas eve at my grandma and grandad’s house

Went to see the local panto, they were performing Beauty and The Beast

New Year’s with my family and boyfriend

(All the links above, are to previous blog posts I’ve written about that event/subject.)

Summing it up in three words:

This year I lost two people dear to my heart and it has been hard, but I know they’d want me to carry on and make them proud, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

I know that this post probably doesn’t mention half of the things I did in 2017, but it’s still a nice way to reflect and even though, maybe not as successful as I thought it would be, every month had something positive in it and so for that reason it was a good year.

Next year, I want to write things down as much as possible to track my year.

Goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018!

Time to make this next year the best one yet! My goals will soon be revealed…

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