I’m back at it again, with a post all about clothes I’ve recently bought! I’ve read so many of these kind of posts from other bloggers lately, so I really wanted to do one of my own. I had hoped I’d posted this before Christmas but with work and all the blogmas posts, there just wasn’t time for it, so finally here it is!

I needed some new jeans, so shopping before Christmas was a must! I picked up two pairs; one from Primark and one from Next.

The jeans from Primark I had wanted for a long time and had a voucher to use, but as usual, struggled to get the size I needed, due to the length, anywhere and then finally when I was back from uni and visited Kings Lynn, there they were.

The second pair from Next were a must! I love florals and as they are from Next you know they will be good quality, so were a bargain at just £10!

As you can see my fashion photography needs to be improved, so that’s certainly a goal for 2018 and one I feel will be easy to improve, with some more time! But I thought I’d include the photos anyway, in an attempt to show you the jeans, even though it doesn’t show them off in the best way!

I also bought three tops recently; one from Zara (my first ever purchase from there!) and two from H&M.

xara first top

This first top from H&M I feel really applies to me, as I consider myself a young person who strives to make change and has the power to influence decisions. It was a bargain at only £4, so it was definitely worth it.

young and powerful top

The second relates yet again to my flower power and love for embroidery. Not many words are needed to describe this beauty.

Last of the clothes is this red velvet dress from H&M. I saw this when I was browsing for Christmas present ideas in Leicester City Centre and thought there’s no way it would be in my price range. To my surprise, the dress was only £8.99, so I thought why not! It was a nice treat, now I just have to find a time to wear it.

I also bought a couple of makeup things (I KNOW, IT’S SHOCKING) in Primark, as they were of such a nice colour, so I thought ‘you know maybe I’ll try those’. The colour is Vintage Rose.


primark makeup

Thanks for reading!

Emily 🌹


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