Xmas Blogging- Day 20- Christmas Would You Rather

I’m back with another ‘Tag’ post. I hope you’ve enjoyed my previous 19 blog posts and continue to love the ones I’m going to post later this month! Here’s my answers to the Christmas ‘Would You Rather’, which I was nominated to participate in by Natalie!

The Grinch or Elf?

Definitely Elf, because I actually remember that film, like who can forget about Buddy The Elf!

Christmas Pudding or Trifle?

Trifle all the way! I’ve never really been a fan of Christmas pudding.

Mulled Wine or Hot Chocolate?

Hot Chocolate, as you can never have too many and be fed up of them! Whereas mulled wine, may get too much, if you have a number of glasses, as the spices (and alcohol) may be pretty strong! Also, anyone can drink hot chocolate, so it’s the perfect drink for the whole family!

Online Shopping or Instore Shopping (and brave the crowds!)?

100% instore shopping because then you know exactly what you’re buying and you don’t have to worry that your presents for people won’t arrive on time.

Be one of Santa’s Elves or one of Santa’s Reindeers?

This is a difficult one… maybe a reindeer, as being an animal would be a totally different experience to that of an elf. It would be magical to experience this!

I nominate:

Your questions are:

  1. Christmas or Halloween?
  2. Quality Street or Celebrations?
  3. Brussel Sprouts or Parsnips?
  4. Christmas songs or Christmas films?
  5. Friends with Frosty the Snowman or Rudolf the Reindeer?

Hope you like this! Have a lovely day!

Emily 🌸

One thing I’ve forgotten to do on some of the other blogmas posts is to include a list of all the previous posts, so you can go back and catch up!

So here it is:

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