Xmas Blogging- Day 14- House of Lords Debate

Almost 2 weeks ago, I visited the House of Lords for the Annual Debate held in the chamber. This debate was centred around the topic of International Relations, whereby a range of individuals addressed the following 3 statements:

  1. The UK should aim to work closely with the Commonwealth, European countries, the EU, and global partners to achieve common regional aims.
  2. The UK should aim to be a global leader.
  3. The UK should keep the affairs of other countries at a distance and focus on its own problems.

This event takes place every year, and has done for the past 7 years, giving young people the chance to debate, and it was the latest event held in their outreach programme, which helps people learn about the House of Lords.

Other events in their outreach programme include:

  • Peers in Schools
  • Social Media
  • Lords Digital Chamber

Despite the numerous times I tried to catch the Lord Speaker’s eye, I did not get picked to speak, but it was amazing just to sit in the chamber and watch the debate on international relations unfold and watch some amazing speakers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit to Parliament for the photos in the chamber.

I’m very grateful to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK for selecting me to attend this event.

Emily 🌼


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