Xmas Blogging- Day 8- Leicester at Xmas

Christmas, named one of the most wonderful times of the year and during the festive season, it is very common to see sparkling lights around and this helps get people into the Christmas spirit. The light switch on in Leicester happened on the 23rd November. So, I decided I should go around the city and encapsulate some of the beautiful lights which have been installed for this season. This wasn’t an easy task because as soon as I’d walked in to the centre, it decided to chuck it down, so my pictures aren’t of the best quality, but I gave it a shot nevertheless!

The main attraction in the centre of the city is the large Christmas tree by the Clocktower.

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Other lights are also scattered around and are so pretty as they bring a bit of colour to the area and make it even more friendly and welcoming.


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So if you’re in Leicester, I’d recommend that before Christmas you go and have a look around the lovely city at night time! You never know what you’ll discover 🌠

Emily x


4 thoughts on “Xmas Blogging- Day 8- Leicester at Xmas

  1. The lights are gorgeous! I wish I could keep my Christmas tree and lights on my mantle all year. I think the glow is relaxing, inviting, and gorgeous at night. I’m a sucker for a stroll of Christmas lights.

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