#iwill Week 2017

Okay, so it’s been a while since I last wrote about this, but next week starting Monday 20th November, until the 26th November 2017 is #iwill week. This is a week where people share their social action and volunteering stories to inspire others to take part!

For those of you who are unaware, the #iwill campaign is a campaign which promotes youth social action, particularly between the ages of 10 and 20 years old and this includes volunteering, fundraising and campaigning.

On this blog, I have written two posts about this topic:

  1. Brief intro to the #iwill campaign

These are two posts where you can check out my experiences of youth social action and more about the campaign itself and who it works with.

So you may still have a few questions and therefore still be thinking:

What is youth social action?

Youth social action is taking an active part in your community to make a positive difference and there is no one single way to do this.

Why is this so important?

It helps us to make the world a brighter place and showcase the brilliant changes people are making in their communities. It also brings people together and allows us to communicate with each other.

How would youth social action benefit me?

So this is quite a broad question, as it affects people in a different way, but of course all positively! It also depends on the type of youth social action you are involved in, as it may have more benefits than the generic ones below.

  • You meet new people and therefore gain new friends!
  • You feel good about the work you’re doing/have done!
  • You gain new skills or improve your current skills.

Want to get involved, but need a helping hand?

Here are just some of the organisations you could be part of:

  • The Scout Association
  • The Guiding Movement
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Youth Organisations like the UK Youth Parliament

Honestly, there’s so many and you can find a list of all the organisations/partners who have made a pledge to the #iwill campaign here.

One tip I would give you is if this is something you think you’d be interested in, definitely go and get stuck in, it will be 100% worth it.

Emily x


3 thoughts on “#iwill Week 2017

  1. That’s sounds like such and amazing initiative! I am so happy to find another blogger who talks about helping others and creating positive change. That’s what my blog is about. If everyone just does one simple act of kindness a day the world would be a different place. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, you should definitely check it out! It’s amazing to find bloggers like you who want to spread happiness and positivity in the world to make it a better place for us all! Thank you x


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