It’s Time To Participate

So if you haven’t heard, this week 13th-19th November is UK Parliament Week! This is an initiative to get more people involved in politics on a regular basis and increase their knowledge about Parliament and Democracy! They wan to engage, explore and empower everyone they can.


During the week, many organisations including the UK Youth Parliament, help to engage more people of all ages to get involved. On the note of the youth parliament, I would recommend that you watch their debates in the chamber, which were held last Friday, you can view these on BBC iPlayer or the Parliament Live TV website, as there are some very eloquent speeches and it is truly inspiring!

For those of you who don’t know, two years ago, I spoke in the House of Commons, as a Member of the UK Youth Parliament, on a Curriculum for Life.


Other examples I’ve seen are the Scouting and Guiding movements learning about the role which democracy plays in our country at their weekly meetings. I think it’s key to engage young people early, as then they’ll become aware of the world around them and will have a better understanding of our system in the future!

On twitter, I’ve seen many politicians welcome this campaign of participation and I feel that we should all join in and play our part.

Therefore, I’ve got some ideas of how you could get involved:

  1. Sign a petition
  2. Find out who your MP and Councillors are
  3. Arrange to meet with your MP to discuss an issue you care about: you could do this by attending one of their surgeries.
  4. Watch Prime Minister’s Questions to see what the House of Commons is like and how it works.
  5. Watch the news, so you can build up an awareness of things around you.
  6. If you’re still in school, join your school council and/or local youth council
  7. Register to vote
  8. If you can, go out there and cast your vote in the next election- whether than be a council by-election or the council elections coming up in some areas this year or next year!

Hope you enjoyed this insight and are inspired to create change in your community!

Emily x


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