Leicester: a top 10 city

According to the annual Good Growth for Cities Index, Leicester has been ranked 9th among many cities across the country.

So I thought it would be good to write a post about some of the awesome things Leicester has to offer! Also, to all those reading my post, this is not an exhaustive list as they are lots and lots of places in Leicester which you can visit. In the future, I hope to do more posts like this one to showcase this wonderful city.


This was a picture I took of the fountain just outside Leicester City Town Hall. It’s nice to walk past, or to sit down and relax on a nearby bench, watching the streams of water flow.

Town Hall Fountain by Emily Fox


Town Hall capture by Emily Fox

It was definitely hard to take a decent picture of the town hall, as it is just so grand and of a large nature, but it was worth the effort! If I become more politically active in the city of Leicester, then maybe I will be able to explore the inside as well!

The Lanes

These are a collection of streets, where there are many independent shops and cafes. I haven’t explored this area much myself yet, but I’m sure I will find some time to do so in the next month or two.

Leicester Market

I’ve only briefly looked around this vibrant market, but it has always seemed pretty lively! I’ve heard that the fruit and vegetable stands are beaming with a wide range of ingredients, so I might have to check it out for myself and cook up some delights.


The Clocktower

This essentially marks the centre of the city and is where most things take place. For example, if there is an international market, stalls will often place themselves in this vicinity as many people walk past this landmark.


Victoria Park

This park is closer to the University of Leicester, than it is to De Montfort University, but is a nice walk if you want a breath of fresh air.


The New Walk

This is a nice walk for anyone who has a bit of spare time! To give a bit of background about this path, before 1785 there were no suburban walks in Leicester and this was created as a pleasant promenade for people of the city. Later on, the New Walk became the boundary between two parishes; St Mary’s and St Margaret’s and this led the way for more areas for pedestrians.

So as you can see Leicester is known for its cultural assets and it sure is, a brilliant place to visit. It attracts so many tourists every year and the amount of international students at De Montfort alone is crazy and hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet more of them at my time here at University!

Hope you liked this insight into the City of Leicester!

Emily x


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