Congress to Campus

On Wednesday 7th November 2017, I attended an event organised by the Department of Politics and Public Policy and other organisations, called Congress to Campus. This was held in the Hugh Aston Building on the De Montfort University Campus.

The topic of discussion was President Trump’s first year: The Presidency, Congress and US politics today. Two former Congressmen came and spoke at this event; Congressman Sam Farr (Democrat) from California and Congressman Dan Benishek (Republican) from Michigan.

A quote which was said by Sam at this event, was one which I found interesting:

“My job is like that of a plumber, if something is broken, I’ll try and fix it.”

This quote can easily be applied to everyday life, so can relate to everyone, encouraging them to go out in their community and stimulate change for the better.


The two congressmen introduced themselves and gave the audience a brief summary of their background and how they became involved in politics.

Not only did they discuss this topic, they talked about their achievements whilst in office and the struggles they faced trying to help govern one of the biggest democracies in the world.

Then, the floor was opened up for questions and there were many of these, so many that we didn’t have enough time to hear them all!

q and a congress to campus
Credit to DMU Politics as they took this photo.

Other events like this one were held during the week in collaboration with The Eccles Centre for American Studies.

I think I can speak for most, when I say this event was one which opened my mind about US politics and that it was an interesting event for everyone.

Emily x


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