Student Savings!

So I thought with some students reading my blog, it makes sense to write a post of discounts you can get during the week, making your money go further.



Click on the image to sign up to UniDays!

The key deals available:

  • Show the server your unidays app/account and you’ll be able to enjoy a free Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or McFlurry when you order an Extra Value or Wrap Meal at McDonald’s.
  • If you’re into your music, then you can grab Spotify Premium for £4.99 a month. (I haven’t used this offer but I know it’s a good deal to take advantage of!)
  • If you like Pizza and Pasta just as much as I do, you can get up to 40% Off at Ask Italian when you order in one of their restaurants.

NUS Card


The key deals available:

  • 20% with National Express Coaches
  • 10% off Megabus
  • 12% of a 1 year 16-25 railcard! If you’re a uni student like me, or just like to travel around the country, this is a must have. It saves you a 1/3 on train travel and is seriously worth it.

As I’ve mentioned a railcard discount, I would say a railcard is rather handy.

16-25 Railcard


These railcards cost £30 a year (or less with the NUS discount 😉) and give you more discount than just savings on train fares. Offers include reduced theatre tickets and £1 YHA (youth hostel company) membership!


save the student

There’s lots of deals on here all the time and it’s updated regularly. As well as advertising discounts, sometimes you can get free food too, so what’s not to love! After all, food is always a priority for students…

Student Beans

student beans

This is a similar discount website, which contains alternative discounts, as well as some of the same ones from UniDays/NUS. If you’re looking at buying something in particular, then it’s worth a look to see if you can save on that brand.


I’m not being paid to write this post or promote these products. This is just an informative post for students in education, wanting cheaper items.

Hope you all appreciate this post and will continue reading my blog.

Emily x


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