Blogger Spotlight

Being on twitter and also being a blogger, I see a lot of profiles and blogger chats come up on my twitter feed, so I thought it was only best to show you all some awesome ones you could follow!

Anyway, the first blog has to be…


Rand0mg4l blog

Hannah is a blogger who now studies in Leicester and I particularly like her blog because I can relate to it as I am also a first year university student. Also, she focuses on a wide range of topics, at the moment, the common theme is university and skincare. She’s so down to earth in her posts and I love how easy they are to read.

My fave posts from this blog include:

  1. Did I Survive?
  2. University Room ‘Bits and Bobs’ Haul
  3. Summer Bucket List


Graceful Blog 

graceful blog.JPG

I love the design of this blog and the way she has split the posts into sections, whilst showing a variety of post links in the main home screen. The photos used on her blog are of  a sharp nature and an inspiration to bloggers like me.

My fave posts from this blog include:

  1. How to procrastinate productively
  2. A-Z: Super Motivational Quotes To Live By
  3. How to be a morning person

and finally…

Hebah Pervaiz

Hebah Pervaiz blog

This is a blog which I’ve only recently discovered through twitter, but I’m glad I did because the content on it is relevant to everyone. All posts are beautifully illustrated with photos and each post is easy to read and enjoy.  I like the header of this blog as well, because as you probably already know, I definitely am one for florals.

My fave posts from this blog include:

  1. Stationery Haul + Review
  2. 10 of the easiest self care ideas
  3. Holiday Musings

These blogs are all different in their style, but all fantastic, so I hope this inspires you all and that you enjoy reading some of their fabulous posts!

Emily x


7 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight

  1. Wow, I’m absolutely honoured that you included me in this post! Thank you so much, it means a lot. Will definitely be checking out the others’ blogs! 💛💛


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