FASHION FIX 14/09/17

These are my 5 fashion picks for this week, they are a range of different garments for women and come from a selection of high street stores.

  1. The Berry and Black Stripe Tie Belt Culotte Jumpsuit from Quiz

berry black playsuit quiz

🌸 Love this colour and the stripes aren’t too overpowering, which is good!

🌸 Great for a night out or celebration, teamed with wedges or heels!

2.  Floral Embroidered Biker Jacket from H&M

floral embroidered hm jacket

🌸 For me, if I needed another biker style jacket, this is the one I’d go for because I absolutely love florals!

🌸 Fab detailed embroidery!

3. Printed T-shirt from H&M

printed tshirt hm

🌸 I’ve never really worn a t-shirt like this, but I love motivational quotes and this is a quote I strongly agree with, as looking forwards can let you see paths you never imagined!

🌸 The bold colour of the text is nice!

4. Drapey Trousers from Sainsbury’s (Floral and Paisley)


🌸 Again, of course I love these because of their quirky floral patterns!

🌸 I have some trousers with this drapey effect, they are so comfortable and can be stylish too!

5.  Influencer top by Zara

influencer top zara

🌸 I feel this kind of t-shirt is a must if you’re a change maker as it’s bright and to the point.

🌸 Cotton t-shirts always have a nice fit and can be paired up with other garments and accessories for (almost) any occasion.

Which pieces do you like? What would you like to see in next week’s fashion fix? 

Thanks for reading! Please share your thoughts in the comments below! â¬‡ï¸


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