Why do I blog?

I started blogging around 2 years ago and although I haven’t been the most active of bloggers, I like to post about my experiences and share with others.

Another form of expression

For me, blogging is an alternative way to convey my thoughts and feelings around a range of topics; whether that is the latest news or my favourite music.

Reading other blogs

Being fairly active on twitter led me to see a range of lifestyle blogs and this made me want to be part of such a close knit community.


I wanted to write something which wasn’t an essay in class and something that was more personal, almost like a virtual journal.


It’s a hobby you can do, whenever you’ve got a spare bit of time on your hands and this is perfect for me as I usually have a rather busy schedule.

Making a difference

Essentially a blog is another way to show support for causes and issues and I hope to do more of this in the future.

Picture of my desk in mid post thoughts

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