Top Tips for Exams!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted on here, didn’t think the last post was written in January! I do apologise, I’ll try to post more, in between the revision I’ve got to do for my AS exams!

Top tips for preparing for exams:

  1. Do as much as you can (without cramming!)– obviously, you’re not going to be able to work 24/7 and there will be times that you know you can’t focus, and that’s okay. But concentrate, stick to your timetable, keep going, and ask questions if you’re stuck- that’s what teachers are there for after all!
  2. Give yourself time to breathe! You could do something you enjoy, or just something which gives you time away from your desk, maybe a walk, run or bike ride!
  3. Look after yourself. Try not to let revision deprive you of sleep, food, drink; otherwise you’ll burnout and that’s the last thing you’d want to do.
  4. Keep hydrated. This will help you think straight and it is scientifically proven that this could improve your grade by up to 10%!
  5. Talk to people. This might sound silly, but it’ll keep you sane and talking to people about your problems and other things with family and/or friends, can help to alleviate the stress.
  6. Have something to look forward to! It may mean just planning a day out with your friends or family, but it’ll give your a reason to stay motivated throughout the exam period!


Top tips for the exams:

  1. Wake up early! So you’re ready to go to that exam and you’re not half asleep and you won’t be late!
  2. Know the time and venue of your exam, as well as where you’ll be sitting! This is to make sure that you’re not late and you’re confident when walking into that exam!
  3. Check that you have everything you need, before you leave the house! So you don’t feel rushed, or extra stressed in the morning before the exam.
  4. Eat breakfast! This will ensure you have the vitamins and nutrients to help you body function properly.
  5. Get to the exam 15 mins before it starts, so you’re not going to be late! 
  6. Avoid people who are panicking. It’s good to do this, so that you don’t doubt yourself and you will go into the exam feeling positive and confident!
  7. Read all the questions at least twice. This is so you can double check that you’ve answered the right question, it’s good to look at the command word and the key words, so you can tell exactly what the examiner is asking of you.
  8. Write something for every question, even if you’re not sure if you know the answer! It may mean you pick up extra marks for trying, and being partially right!
  9. Stay calm and keep positive! 🙂

Do these tips help you? Do you have any other tips that are useful to know during the exam period? Feel free to share or comment them below.


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