Is politics relevant?

Politics. It’s something that a few people don’t believe in. They feel it’s not relevant to them. A waste of time. But is this necessarily true?

In the UK, most people have access to an education from the age of 4 or 5- the system in place is structured by the Government and therefore, if someone feels the need to make a point about an issue within education that is significant to them, then politicians and parliamentarians are the people to contact. So, that must mean that politics is relevant as you want your voice to be heard, right?

It’s the same with Health, the Environment, Transport etc- all of which are government departments.

You can have your say if you’re aged 18 and over, through voting in elections like the General Election, which comes around every 5 years. Some say that 5 years is simply too long, it means that the Government do not consult the people of the country as much as they should and they don’t do what is set out in their election manifesto. So you could say they are an ‘elective dictatorship’?
An elective dictatorship is where a government is elected in and then they do what they want to do instead of acting on a mandate given to them by the winning the election.

Just reading the newspaper or watching the 6 O’clock news, is considered as participating in politics as you’re taking the information and forming an opinion on it and often the government are taking action on the issues, like the refugee crisis and IS for example.

So even if you think it isn’t applicable to your life in some way, it’s likely it is and without it, your life could be completely different to how it is now.


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