New Year: 2016

It’s now a new year, that means a fresh start to things! It’s definitely been a rather strange start, like dropping an A-Level! Since this has happened, I’ve definitely felt like there’s been a weight lifted off my shoulders and it will really allow me to focus on the other 3 subjects as best as I possibly can.

Anyway, more to the point, I feel I should post more on here for everyone to read and therefore I hope to post some more posts about the politics we hear about and what they really mean. Also, I’d like to share with you all, the amazing youth work that I do and the volunteering that you could become involved in! It’s extremely worthwhile and it gives you a sense of pride knowing you’ve achieved something people want action on.

I’d like more people to hear about the experiences I’ve had and I’d like to write about things that interest myself and others. To do this, I’d like to ask you two things, please share this and my promise to you will be to post more! Secondly, I would like to hear your post ideas and I will do my best to accommodate them this year, maybe even this month!

If you’re new to my blog or you just want something to read take a look at these 3 posts that I made last year:

  1. English Votes For English Laws
  2. North East Devolution
  3. Music Refresh

I wish you all a happy new year; a year to improve something or start something new!




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