Early Morning Extremes

You may wonder why I called this something extreme and the only reason is that it is classified an extreme sport. But with the risks it could bring, I guess there’s a pretty good explanation to why it is in this category.

This morning, I woke early making sure I was ready for the activity ahead of me. Climbing club. A prompt 9am start, or what should have been but some of the instructors appeared slightly later than usual. Nevertheless, I took my harness out of the bag it was it and stepped into it; fastening the straps. Just after, I found my climbing shoes and carefully placed them on my feet; lacing them up as I went.

Stepping on the wall beneath the black line, I traversed to the left; moving my hands and feet to different holds and features on the wall. Trying my best not to fall off onto the ground (which is especially hard with small fiddly holds!).

After a quick bit of traversing, I made my way into the cave area and start to boulder. Although, this is not a strength of mine I persisted for a while.

For the rest of the time, I found a partner to work with and grabbed my belay device from the side which was made of a shiny green metal that was attached to a screw gate caribena. First, I let my partner climb a route up the wall and we decided to start with a fairly easy one to get us warmed up. I belayed and then tied myself into the rope, where shortly after I climbed up to the top swiftly. We climbed more routes, progressively getting harder to improve our climbing skills including our footwork.

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂


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