Starting something new…

Starting something new, that’s definitely something worthwhile; although it can appear daunting and often there can be some uncertainty about doing it. A bit like starting this I suppose; but memories and thoughts are always best in one place, right?

This is somewhere I can keep the things I love to do and that’s something I might as well show the world, as it’s what makes me who I am today and who I could be in the future. I’ll admit I like to try new things and get involved in as much as possible and when I get encouragement to do so it makes me just want to do it more and more!

Here’s what I stand by:

1) Creativity– everyone can be creative in some form. It helps you to express yourself and most importantly, it helps you let a little fun in your life!

2) Ambition believe in yourself and have a dream!

3) Aspiration– Have an aim for everyday, every week, every month, every year! It’ll make you happy when you achieve it.

4) Determination – Reach for the courage that makes you want to move forward and to get somewhere in life. As I’m always told my mum ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ so make sure you have the confidence to ask a simple question and it’s likely the answer will be YES!

Please comment and tell me what you think, it would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


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